Wednesday, January 7, 2015

People Matter

Naval History & Heritage Command yesterday, honoring the anniversary of the commissioning of USS Hopper (DDG 70) on 06 January 1996, posted some great photos of one of our greatest... Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.

What struck me the most wasn't the photos and not the subject, but of all things...

The hashtag ... #PeopleMatter

If you follow the hashtag on Facebook, you find a slew of posts, mostly posted by US Navy related pages, emphasizing this great point that we so often forget, #PeopleMatter.

We honor some of our greatest with naming our mighty Warships after them.  Why?  Because #PeopleMatter.

On the inevitably hectic day of return from Holiday stand-down and with the sudden (and heartbreaking) news of a permanent cross-deck of one of my finest Sailors, I had the fortunate (yet unfortunate) opportunity to ensure my priorities were straight and fellowship with this Sailor and our Division over lunch to celebrate a job-well-done.

The inbox and taskers didn't go anywhere with the few hour delay ... I checked.

I appreciate the #PeopleMatter hashtag.  I am an avid fan of biographical works.  While my social skills would never label me as a "Social Butterfly" but maybe a "People Person" on a good day, I rejoice inwardly (yes at their successes but mostly) at the unique qualities that people have to offer.  Showcasing people is something we need to always emphasize.

Awards are great, but rarely a NAM write-up is truly going to showcase who a Sailor is.  How do you ensure a person is being honored and not just their successes?

There were many amazing qualities about Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.  And that in addition to the successes that stemmed from those qualities is the legacy that she has left.  I hope you enjoy the photos and I highly encourage you to check out the other posts from a multitude of groups with the #PeopleMatter hashtag.

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