Thursday, December 25, 2014

Application for Masters of Science in Strategic Intelligence for Reserves

This is a fantastic program for our junior officers and front running enlisted personnel.  Please ensure widest dissemination.  Note that completion results not only in a Master's degree but in JPME Phase I credit.

Masters of Science in Strategic Intelligence (MSSI)


National Intelligence University, NIU, is an accredited academic institution that prepares intelligence professionals for positions at joint, theater and MAJCOM levels. The MSSI degree program consists of 43 quarter credit hours to include five core courses (15 hours), one program requirement (3 hours), six electives (18 hours), and the master's thesis (7 hours) on an intelligence related topic.

1.  Program description.  The offers the opportunity for two years of academic study leading to the MSSI degree.  This program is the academic equivalent of the MSSI program offered to the active duty personnel, and is taught by full-time faculty reservists from all branches of the armed forces.  Students are reservists from all branches of the armed forces and they attend weekend classes. The program is open to all Reserve members in a drilling status, across the country. Successful completion of this program results in a Master's degree as well as JPME Phase I credit.

2.  Program Schedule.  The two-year, part-time program begins in August 2015 and finishes in the fall of 2017.  It meets on a typical Reserve schedule: one weekend per month and two intensive, in-residence course periods (one 2-week AT each summer).

3.  Application Procedure.  Two application packages must be submitted.  One package is submitted directly to the NIU Admissions Office and the other package is submitted through the member's chain of command (unit/IDC REG/COMIDCRESCOM N7) to COMIDCRESCOM.  Do not submit a package to the NIU office until you receive confirmation that your package was successfully boarded at IDCRC N7.

The main webpage for NIU is  The website includes an in- depth description of the MSSI Program.  Anyone interested in applying for the program should review the requirements and expectation described on the NIU website. The application package requirements for the NIU can be found at  The NIU application includes an application form, transcripts, GRE scores and an essay.

The application package to COMIDCRESCOM must include:

(1) Letter of request from the member to COMIDCRESCOM, including a statement describing the reason the member wants to enroll in the MSSI Program (150 words or less);
(2) Current Officer Qualification Questionnaire (OQQ)/Enlisted Qualification Questionnaire (EQQ);
(3) Endorsements from the member's Unit CO and IDC Region Commander;
(4) Certification of Top Secret/SCI security clearance (JPAS copy);
(5) Transcripts (unofficial copies) for all undergraduate and graduate college work.

IDC Officers must have completed their designator-specific PQS and IDWO qualifications prior to being eligible for the MSSI Program.  Enlisted applicants do not need to have completed their EIDWS qualification prior to eligibility but it will be considered a discriminator.

Transmission to COMIDCRESCOM:

Packages must be transmitted through the Regional Training Officer (RTO).  Application packages will be sent by the RTOs to COMIDCRESCOM by uploading to the Navy Reserve COMIDCRESCOM N7 Sharepoint site.  Please note that this document library is set up to handle PII information.  RTOs are designated as the primary officials responsible for uploading complete endorsed packages to the Sharepoint document library.  IDC Regional Commanders, Chief Staff Officers, Officers in Charge will also have the ability to upload their IDC region's inputs to this Sharepoint document library.  The link to the MSSI Directory is:{F7E19403-F64A-4E9E-A75B-B0A088E2FC26}

If access issues are encountered, please contact the COMIDCRESCOM N7, Shawn Smith,; phone 817-782-1825.

Should the above method of transmission not be available, packages may be mailed to: COMIDCRESCOM N71, NAS JRB, 1525 Chennault Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76127-1550, ATTN: CWO3 Clark.  Every effort should be made to utilize the Sharepoint document library above prior to mailing the application.  Please contact CWO3 Clark prior to mailing an MSSI package.

Questions may be directed to CWO3 Robert Clark, ADCOS-Communications and Special Programs (N74) at, cellular 405-229-8130.


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