Monday, November 11, 2013

On Veteran's Day, a toast!

I propose a toast, to our Veterans...

May their fortitude and honor reign on in those that currently serve.

To all those that served honorably, we give thanks to you for the perilous trails you trekked, the months and years you spent away from family and friends, the battles you both won and lost, the tragedies you witnessed , but also the great achievements you commanded.  Ultimately, however, we thank you for the freedom you have selflessly defended and given us.

Continue to tell your sea stories, so that we may learn of and from past trials.

To those that died in the line of duty, you gave it all and your gift will forever be remembered.  Thank you.

To those that retired from a career of military service, such dedication and willingness to serve demonstrates the highest caliber of honor, courage, and commitment.  Thank you.

And to the families of all veterans, for your support through good times and bad, for your military member and all others.  Thank you.


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