Thursday, October 24, 2013

Interview: Active Duty to the Private Sector

Have you thought about leaving active duty for the private sector? Maybe you are about to retire and want to start a second career. For folks who have "been there, done that," there are a few words of wisdom they undoubtedly could share with active duty members.

This blog post provides a brief interview of a Colonel Barry Hensley USA (Ret.). He made the jump from active to private sector, almost overnight.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy 238th Birthday

I believe completely in studying and learning from history.  Yet we have what most consider a "young" community.  Fortunately, lessons in leadership, mentoring, and following ... lessons in valor, fortitude, and resilience ... lessons in honor, courage, and commitment ... and yes, lessons in organization, intelligence, and technology are found all over our Navy's 238 year history.

Following the lead of speakers at our local Navy Day Ball, would like to share quotes, chosen purposefully, from some of our greatest leaders of the past.  But looking forward, for our Information Dominance Corps, what "seas" are ours to control and what "ships" do we sail, protecting our people and our nation as we have done for 238 years?

To the United States Navy!  Happy birthday, Shipmates!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Trusting Technology

I am (more slowly than I'd like) making my way through "Wired For War" by P.W. Singer which I pulled of the CNO's reading list some time back.  Lately I've had lots of time in airports and planes, so have been able to get in a lot of good reading.  I'd like to make a few posts, not necessarily directly about the book, but more about some topics the book covers.  This time around ... trusting technology.