Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Notes: One Sheet

I have seen a few articles recently that all talk about the art and value of taking notes.  And this is my response to 99u's poll of, "What's your note-taking system?"

In our masses-of-information-at-your-fingertips type of world we live in, I am a big proponent of taking notes.  And one of my favorite ways to take notes is by what I like to call ... One Sheet.

It is very important how we present information to both friends and foes alike.  When we want the information to be read, we must keep it simple, clean, and accessible.

You can see the image at the beginning of the post.  It is sort of a One Sheet tutorial.  I figure what better way to attempt to get the point across, than to cut back on words in the post, and try to demonstrate.

One downfall is that for non-artists like me, this process can take time.  But it is time that you are spending with the topic.  Studying it vice just reading it.  You are finding ways of connecting various topics together.  You are finding ways to illustrate the points you most want to get across.  You are building a product that will hopefully be useful to others.

All-in-all ... time well spent!

Now it is your turn.  What is your note-taking system?

Image: Created by me on the iPad with an app from 53 called Paper.

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