Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who is VADM Rogers?

Down here at NIOC Texas, we were recently given the opportunity to host VADM Rogers for a special visit as he presided over a Change of Command ceremony.  At a Wardroom function, it was brought up to our guest that one of the most important questions in our Information Warfare qualification board is, "Who is VADM Rogers?"  To this he gave a quite a chuckle...

Of course VADM Rogers realized why this question is asked and that the answer to the question is a very valid, much-encompassing and great question for a young Information Warfare (IW) Junior Officer to be able to answer.  Knowing and understanding the four hats that VADM Rogers wears is a crucial centerpiece to why IW Officers exist!

During an IW board, the qualifying Officer is expected to be able to draw a chain of command that starts with the President of the United States and tentacles down to the four hats.  As you can imagine, a lot of discussion then spawns off what is and how it is illustrated.  If you give it a try, you will quickly realize that there are quite a few ways to break it down to the four hats.  So might I recommend starting from the four hats and working up?

A simplified construct might look something like...

IW Community Leader <-> IDC Community Leader <-> Chief Naval Personnel -> CNO -> SECNAV -> SECDEF -> POTUS
Health and Welfare of the Community

Commander, 10th Fleet -> { Echelons } -> CNO -> SECNAV -> SECDEF -> POTUS
Providing forces for the execution of Fleet Cyber Command mission

Commander, Fleet Cyber Command -> US Cyber Commmand -> US Strategic Command -> SECDEF -> POTUS
How we fight!

Service Cryptologic Component -> NSA/CSS -> SECDEF -> POTUS
How we support SIGINT

Of course this conversation could get very deep (and wide) and very complicated very quickly.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

Image: http://www.navy.mil/navydata/bios/navybio.asp?bioID=434

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