Monday, July 1, 2013

Navy Cyber: The 5th Operational Domain

Apparently this "Cyberspace" thing is pretty cool, yeah?  It is the buzz all over the news feeds as well with the talking heads on TV.  Denial of Service this, SCADA that1, First Amendment rights, Fourth Amendment rights2, Internet kill switches3 (a little dated), etc...

Well not only is this a very dynamic topic in the news, it is also an extremely dynamic domain in which to operate.  Our Navy recognizes this and has Tenth Fleet tasked to support.

The mission of Tenth fleet is to serve as the Numbered Fleet for Fleet Cyber Command and exercise operational control of assigned Naval forces; to coordinate with other naval, coalition and Joint Task Forces to execute the full spectrum of cyber, electronic warfare, information operations and signal intelligence capabilities and missions across the cyber, electromagnetic and space domains.4
Recently, the Navy released a video that showcases this new operational domain in recruiting/Hollywood fashion.  Yes cheesy, but yes an interesting watch.  I know when I was being recruited I searched for every nugget of information on my future community and would have loved to have a viewing.

There is also a short thread going on at Information Warriors on the topic of this video5.


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