Thursday, July 4, 2013

CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell

Have ideas about enhancing our Navy and bringing it further into the 21st century by utilizing things like Google Glass, 3-D printing, and crowd-sourced war-gaming?  All with a budget upwards of $2 million?  Hey IDC, this is a call to us!

The CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell (CRIC) application period for FY2014 is now open and ready for you to make a submission.  What is this thing called CRIC?  What are the expectations?  How do I apply?  As this was a first heard for me a week ago, I had the same questions...

Straight from Navy Warfare Development Command:
The CRIC was established in 2012 to provide junior leaders with an opportunity to identify and rapidly field emerging technologies that address the Navy's most pressing challenges. The CRIC capitalizes on the unique perspective and familiarity that junior leaders possess regarding modern warfare, revolutionary ideas, and disruptive technologies.1
Here's the big details you need to know up front:
  • Ideally Officers O-3 and below
  • Ideally Enlisted E-4 to E-6
  • Transitioning to or currently on shore duty
  • Approximately 4 days per month outside normal duties
  • Does not require a geographic relocation or release from one's present duty assignments
  • Membership dependent on project duration but generally should not exceed 24 months
  • Meet with leading innovators in the government and civilian sector
  • Flag-level sponsorship
According to the NWDC website here are the stats for who is currently a part of CRIC2:
  • 14 Members
  • Rank
    • 12 Officers (3 O4, 8 O3, 1 O2, 1 Reservist)
    • 1 Enlisted
    • 1 Civilian
  • Community
    • 5 Intelligence
    • 4 Surface Warfare
    • 3 Surface Warfare
    • 2 Aviation
I don't know about you, but I get excited about opportunities like this.  That said, I probably won't be applying this time around as in less than a year's time I'll be out floating in the Atlantic Ocean.  But the first thing I told my CTN's when I sent this their way was, "I want to help you apply!"

And I want to help you too!  I spend a lot of time with CTN's and know their field pretty well in addition to having some good experience in iPhone/iPad software development.  If you want to bounce ideas or just talk, let me know.  Leave a comment below or find me on whatever network you deem necessary.

The one bit of information I could not find is when the application window closes.  So ... here are the links you need to apply with your idea, today:


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