Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To The Sextant?

How much do you trust your electronics?

An interesting article with video over The Old Salt Blog titled, "How Secure is Shipboard GPS? Not Very – GPS Spoofing Takes Control of $80MM Yacht", shows how GPS satellites can be overpowered and an attacker can commandeer the GPS navigation system aboard a ship (although far more vehicles than a ship are possible I imagine).

Personally, I always wonder if folks on the highway are listening in on my fine selection of tunes when I am running my iPhone through an FM modulator...

I guess I will soon learn more about how this "trust but verify" relationship with technology works when afloat.  I'm thinking I as the Information Warfare Officer should prove my smarts and worth by showing up to the ship day one with a Sextant in my back pocket...

For your viewing pleasure, below is the video from University of Texas, Austin showing a simulation of the spoof.  And even further below is helpful video for all my fellow IW JO's heading out to the fleet soon...

ps ... yes, there is sarcasm in those post :-o

Image(s): http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/back-to-the-future

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