Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Sea of Resources

As an Information Warfare Officer in the US Navy, there's a good chance that if you throw a rock at your place of work, you are more likely to hit a computer geek than water.  This is a good thing.  Not the throwing rocks part.  More the goodness it is to be surrounded by computer geeks.

Why's that?

Because computer geeks like to make structure of the digital chaos that is the Internet.

That said, there are actually quite a few great resources for the soon-to-be, aspiring, or accomplished Information Dominance Corps Sailor to take advantage of.

I have decided to create a static page of resources (click here) that will be kept up-to-date.  But also want to list a few below to get started:

  • IDC Self Synchronization | Self-organized Enlisted and Commissioned Sailors spanning active and reserves IDC communities that disseminate news articles and information relating to the Information Dominance Corps.
  • Information Warriors | Forum dedicated to the discussion of matters relating to Information Warfare and the Information Dominance Corps.
  • The Navy's Grade 36 Bureaucrat | An Information Warfare Officer authors a one-stop shop for all your questions related to house hunting leave, FITREPs, EVALs, awards, and just about anything else the Navy bureaucracy can throw at you.
  • Connecting the Dots | An Information Warfare Officer's blog on leadership, coaching and making time to ensure your people are successful.
  • I Like The Cut Of His Jib | A retired Information Warfare Officer's blog on leadership, community announcements, and qualities of good Naval Officers.

Note for the record: On The Net Gang does not condone the targeting of computer geeks with rocks...


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